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Student Testimonials

"Under Ron DePuy's tutelage, our teenage son's passion for playing music and his ability to read and play technical pieces has grown tremendously. Our son's confidence as a musician has allowed him to embrace his innate creative ability expressed through songwriting and improvisational playing. Ron DePuy, a gifted and versatile musician, is a sincere, down-to-earth, godly mentor and role model. Ron effectively encourages, nurtures, teaches and challenges budding musicians." Ardy Lo

"Ron began teaching Jake piano before Jake’s feet could reach the pedals. Nine years later, Ron has introduced Jake to much more than just the keyboard. Displaying gentleness and conviction, Ron diligently exposes Jake to the value of music theory, an appreciation for various musical genres, the necessity for musicianship, and the endless possibilities for creative expression." Teri Myers

"Ron does an incredible job of pushing Nathan to always grow as a musician and at the same time keeping him really engaged and having fun. I also love Ron’s character and always feel great about my son being in his company and under his influence as a role model." Martina Engels

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