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piano tuner


With over 20 years of experience servicing a variety of makes and models of pianos, Ron DePuy offers quality tuning and minor repair for San Diego County piano owners. Focusing on attention to detail, Ron's goal is to achieve the best possible performance from every piano he services. 


In order to maintain superior performance, it is important to tune a piano at least once a year.


Piano tuning cost: $120


If a piano has not been tuned for a number of years, it may go flat in pitch to the extent that the tuner will have to tune the instrument twice within a short period of time. This is called a “pitch raise”. There is no fast way to do a pitch raise. On the first tuning, the strings are raised a calculated amount above normal pitch. This is done to allow for stretch. The piano tuner then returns to tune again or raise the pitch.


Pitch raise cost: $80


 If your piano is in need of tuning, contact Ron for an appointment today. 

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