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Yes, you can take guitar in a private lesson setting with Ron and it would be fabulous, BUT you might just want to consider these advantages to taking guitar in a group setting:


  • group guitar is less expensive: an hour lesson is $33/hour compared to the private lesson rate of $66/hour.

  • development of musicianship: playing with other people develops rhythm and dynamics in a way that playing alone does not.

  • small class size: groups will be no less than 4 students and no more than 6, allowing for individualized instruction

  • make new friends: learn to play an instrument while forming new friendships.

  • increased accountability: learning in a group environment motivates everyone to keep pace with each other through at home practice-no one wants to fall behind the rest of the class.


Ron is always open to forming new groups. Just round up a minimum of 4 friends and start your own group! All groups meet 2x/month and the cost is $66/month.








Group Guitar

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