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2016-17 School Year Music Classes


Announcing 2016-17 specialty music classes with instructor Ron DePuy. 


Ron will be offering the following two-semester courses:


Beginning Guitar
Worship Leading 


Classes can be taken for a grade and counted for high school visual and performing arts credit or taken purely for enrichment. Please check out the course descriptions below.  


Every student should graduate high school with some exposure to music learning. Make 2016-17 the year!


Worship Leading Course



This two semester course will guide students ages 12-19 through the exploration of the many facets of leading worship in a contemporary setting as well as the pitfalls that arise from leading without first developing a clear understanding of what the Bible says about the worship of God.  


The class will focus on developing every young worship leader in 3 key areas: 

  • Spiritual maturity and Biblical perspective

  • Musical excellence

  • Leadership development


Students will: 

  • Form and lead worship teams consisting of their fellow classmates

  • Explore the craft of selecting and writing "congregational" worship songs

  • Engage in group discussions on important worship ministry topics 

  • Develop a unique worship leadership vision and mission statement


The primary course material will be Mr. DePuy’s original curriculum developed over an 18 year period of mentoring and developing young worship leaders.  The course will have an academic component while emphasizing practical application as well as technical musical development. Each semester will culminate in a student-led worship event at the instructor’s studio.


Curriculum Table of Contents:

Unit One - A Biblical Perspective on Why We Worship

Unit Two - It’s All About The Heart- Being Precedes Doing  

Unit Three - Musical Foundation for the Contemporary Worship Leader

Unit Four - Musical Multi-Tasking: Developing Techniques to Effectively Lead Your Musicians, Your Congregation, & Your Multi-Media Volunteers All While Keeping Your Focus on God

Unit Five- Set Building: Creating Thematic and Musical Flow in Your Worship Sets

Unit Six- Learning to Express Yourself Dynamically While Leading

Unit Seven- Learning to Effectively Lead Your Team, Congregation and Multimedia Volunteers through Subtle Yet Effective Signals

Unit Eight- Leading Your Ministry Off the Platform

Unit Nine- Understanding Technology in Worship

Unit Ten- Vocal Development (the most important instrument) and Singing/Teaching Vocal Harmony


Required texts:

Music Theory For The Non-Reading Musician Workbook by Vernon Porter

What’s So Spiritual About Your Gifts? by Henry & Mel Blackaby

The Way I Was Made by Chris Tomlin


The course can be taken for a grade and counted for high school visual and performing arts credit or taken purely for enrichment.



Basic competency on piano or guitar

Vocal Confidence

Ability to read chord charts


Tuition/semester:  $375        

min. of 4 students/max. of 8 students


Class will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 in Tierrasanta at the instructor's teaching studio beginning 9/6/16 and ending 5/23/17 (30 classes total)



Beginning Guitar Course



This two semester course will encourage and equip elementary, junior high, and high school students in their pursuit to learn and play guitar in contemporary music settings.


Students will develop a basic foundation in: 

  • proper guitar technique

  • music and chord theory

  • ear-training and arranging

  • transposition and using a capo

  • interpreting tablature

  • beginning finger picking, flat picking, and strumming techniques


Students will grow in their overall understanding of music through their exposure to guitar as well as learn rhythm and dynamics by playing with their peers!  Each semester will culminate with a student performance.


Worksheets and music sheets will be provided by the instructor as needed.


This course is recommended for students ages 7-19.


The course can be taken for a grade and counted for high school visual and performing arts credit or taken purely for enrichment. There is no prerequisite.


Tuition/semester:  $375


There are two class days/times to choose from based on age:


Ages 7-12:

Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30 begins 9/6/16 and ends 5/23/17 (30 classes total)


Ages 12-19:

Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 begins 9/7/16 and ends 5/24/17 (30 classes total)


All classes meet at the instructor’s teaching studio in Tierrasanta.


Minimum of 4 students/class, maximum of 7 students

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